About Coach Eva Jeannine


My Mission Statement:

To empower women in living a work/life centered on their purpose for true fulfillment. Facilitate healing modalities that permit women to release old patterns and become not only successful but fulfilled in their life, career, and/or business.

My Core Story

As a teenager, like many of you, I wasn’t supported in becoming the true person that I am, neither encouraged to have an education. When it was time to choose work, I went into the banking industry, and later financial management. Ten years later, burned out, through inner work and the support of a Career Counselor, I reconnected to my innate personality type and my gifts and talents. I chose to study a program in holistic counseling. During my last year of training, career centers opened in the Canadian federal gov’t, my employer. I was hired to develop the career center of the RCMP. I fell in love with my work, fulfilling my inner desire to support people in their personal and professional growth. Today, after 18 years, I am still passionate about helping women to discover their mission and passion in a job that fulfills their soul.

My gift:

I was born with an innate gift of being connected to the spirit world. As a child, I was hearing my inner voice which guided me to get my education. Today, I let Spirit guide me in my coaching sessions with clients.

My natural abilities:

I am people-oriented, compassionate, intuitive, creative, supportive, passionate, resourceful and action-oriented.

My experience:

Passionate about personal growth, I always look within for guidance to release the inherited patterns and beliefs that make me a better person in service to humanity. I have a powerful desire to grow and learn. This is the true ME. Finding my soul purpose made a tremendous difference in my daily work that enhanced my happiness and health, and decreased my stress. I now can stand in my power as a woman.

As I am doing my mission in service to women’s soul fulfillment at work, I have no desire to retire. I desire to serve as long as I have a purpose for doing so. We retire from a job that has given us the security and the money to live. How long have you been doing that? Would you like to transform your life and experience inner fulfillment on a daily basis? I look forward to supporting you in finding your purpose and experience true fulfillment every workday or in the business you would like to start.


Why should you choose me as your coach?

Being your Coach:

  • My approach is holistic (assessing the whole person), transformational, work-life integration, and result-oriented.
  • I am personable, empathetic, purposeful, trustworthy, honest, and intuitive. After 18 years of passionate work in career counseling/coaching, confidentially  is part of my profession.
  • Personally, I have embraced a holistic approach to life: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Committed to inner growth, I exercise and practice kundalini yoga (balancing the chakra system) for maximum health and youthfulness, and meditation.
  • I am a long-life learner. Please check all learning programs I have done up to date in my resume.
  • I believe in the brilliance of each person who can resolve their challenging issues from their own inner being and choose the right solutions for their wellness.
  • I believe in the ageless wisdom within us.

My experience as a coach:

  • I have successfully coached thousands of clients in their career development since 1994. Many dared to move on in their best-fit career.
  • With my background as a counselor, I support clients by listening deeply and reflecting compassionately on issues to be resolved for their personal growth and career fulfillment.

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Eva Jeannine Meloche

Soul Purpose & Holistic Health Coach

Email: CoachEva.Meloche@aol.com

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