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Soul Purpose Coaching:

First step I recommend is you take the time to discover your soul purpose; then, examine your innate gifts and talents, interests and passions, strengths, skills, values, old beliefs, fears and limitations. Explore best careers that fulfill your soul and will make you jump out of bed every morning. Click here for a full description.

Transformational Leadership Coaching:

Look at the 15 building blocks of becoming a transformational leader; defining your leadership style, visioning authentic and successful leadership; looking at the Master F.I.T MODEL to identify your most important elements of your career, build your leadership brand, focus on developing your most important competencies by assessing them through various psychometric tools. Create a development and action plan . Click here for full description

Retirement Coaching:

Have you prepared for retirement? If you retire at 55 or 60, how many years do you still have to fulfill yourself? Could it be 30 more years? What will you do with your life? Rest or play more? If you haven’t discover your purpose, now is the time to pursue what you love and  do what is meaningful to your soul. Click here for full description

Team-Building Workshop:

“Working Together” half-day workshop uses the MBTI and True Colors tools to help teams to get to know each others’ unique gifts and talents and best skills to use in your workplace. It also brings greater Understanding of your team’ strengths in working together to make your projects successful. Click here for full description.