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How to Leave a Testimonial

Hi! I’m so glad you have had a great experience with either a product or service I’ve provided. I love getting great feedback – it helps me improve my services and it helps me also be able to reach a wider audience who can benefit from what I share!

Here’s All You Need to Do to Leave a Testimonial

You can use the form below to email me your testimonial.  If applicable, be sure to let me know the website page or blog that you would like mentioned with your testimonial.

To help you get some ideas, here are some excellent questions you can answer in your testimonial. Simply choose one or two of these questions to answer and that’s all there is to it.:

* How would you rate your experience with the product/service? Good, great, excellent?

* What’s the most important thing you learned or result you achieved?

* How will you use this information to improve yourself professionally?

* How much time and money do you think it may save you (if applicable)?

* What convinced you to check into this in the first place?

* How would you describe the product or service to another professional?

Thanks so much for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated.


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